Friday, April 03, 2020
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Fast Cash…. $WE BUY HOUSES$

Pacific Coast HomeVestors, LLC, in most cases, has the ability to PAY CASH for your home. Simply by contacting us we will need a little bit of information about your home and mortgage and we can put together an offer and close your home within 10 business days. The process takes basically a phone call, we will set an appointment to view your home, and you can start packing. There are no fees or cost involved for you, we take care of everything. We buy houses in any condition, value, or area.

Short Sale…


A Short Sale Might Be your Best Solution. We understand that defaulting on your mortgage can be very stressful and often times a scary situation. We have counseled many individuals and families in your same situation and have found that many people don't realize that they have options before foreclosure and one of them is a short sale.

Put very simply, a short sale is when the amount owed to the lenders is more than the home can be sold for. In a typical situation, the home owner would need to bring in the difference owed in order to sell the property. This is where we can help. In a short sale, we negotiate with the lender to accept less than the full amount owed to satisfy the debt, allowing it to be paid off short.

Some of the benefits of a short sale are:

  • A short sale allows your home to be sold, avoiding the stress and sometimes embarrassment of foreclosure.
  • A short sale has much less of an impact on your credit than a foreclosure
  • A short sale satisfies the debt that you owe to your lender(s)
  • We offer Free, Discreet consultations over the phone, at our office, or in your home and there is never any obligation.


Contact Us to see how we can can help you! (805)624-5982.


  • We NEVER charge you ANY out of pocket fees. We are only paid by the bank when it closes.
  • We have a 95% success in closing out short sales.
  • You will ALWAYS deal directly with our team from the first phone call to the closing. We handle all of the negotiations ourselves and you will never be passed off to a third party.


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